Short- and Long- Term Intensive Course

Short-term intensive courses include 20-25 hours per week of  small-group classroom instruction, experiential learning opportunities, and field trips to cultural and historical destinations in the Port-au-Prince area.  The aim of these courses is to develop a foundation of Creole grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, and to build practical conversational skills that consider the nuances of Haitian language and culture.  Students undergo a brief assessment on the first day and are grouped based on proficiency level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Since groups are small, classes are tailored to ensure that each student's language needs and goals are met.

  • One-week - $200
  • Two-weeks - $400
  • Three-weeks - $500
  • Four-weeks - $650

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is designed for individuals and groups of all proficiency levels looking to learn Creole or improve their language skills at their own pace.  Daily, weekly, or monthly sessions can be scheduled based on individual availability and language learning goals.   

  • $20/hour per person

Online Creole Classes

Want to learn Creole from our experienced instructors without coming all the way to Haiti?  No problem!  Pale Dlololo offers distance learning via Skype so you can learn Haitian Creole from anywhere in the world.  Rates include individualized instruction, electronic worksheets, video calls, and live chats that help build a foundation of Creole language learning, or reinforce what you already know, all from the comfort of your own home.

  • $30/hour


Linguistic and Cultural immersion program in Haiti

We understood that language is acquired more effectively when it is learned in a meaningful social context. Our Creole language and cultural immersion program is more like a Haiti travel learning of 20 – 25 hours of classroom time a week complimented by excursions to museums, local markets, nearby sights, theaters and other venues, and homestay in more than 5 departments in Haiti. This would greatly help improve Creole as a second language and give you the most accurate perspective on Haitian Culture

Student will have the opportunity to use their knowledge and language skills with the locals through some volunteer work of their choices with our partners.

To apply for our linguistic and cultural immersion program, and for a quote please contact us here

Group discounts are available for both intensive Creole courses and private tutoring.  Contact us for more information.

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Private Creole (Kreyol) Tutoring