Pale Dlololo Creole Institute and Tours provides the best Haitian Creole language learning and the best tours and excursions in Haiti. Translated in English to mean “Speak Fluidly,” Pale Dlololo’s unique curriculum and teaching methods are designed to help you do just that. Our experienced and highly acclaimed Creole Instructors offer a variety of teaching styles and learning tools, including classroom sessions, structured private tutoring, experiential learning opportunities, and cultural excursions, with programs offered in English, French, and Spanish. 

Recognizing that language cannot be separated from culture, we include discussions, field trips, tours and excursions that give our students and travelers insight into Haiti’s rich and dynamic culture, history, people, and food.  Most importantly, we prepare our students and tourists to live and work effectively in Haitian communities, and to have a meaningful experience in Haiti whether they’re here for days, months, or years.

Our mission is to promote Haitian cultural heritages and to show Haiti on the tourism map as an affordable and unique travel destination. We aim to facilitate you being part of Haiti's solution, part of something big. That's why we tailor our services towards clients’ aspirations and needs while respecting local norms and values. We help our students attain optimal proficiency, and as such, we adjust all of our sessions to meet individual goals and interests. We are happy to work with all type of travelers and all levels of language learners from absolute beginners to more advanced.

Whether you’re in Haiti for business, volunteer work, research, or travel, Pale Dlololo can help you make the most of your experience!